Digital Miyuki Delica pattern added of Marilyn Monroe

I love famous people from the past, like Marilyn Monroe. Today I want to share a new pattern with you of her which you can use to create a bracelet with. Read along for more information!

Background story

Creating jewelry is really my thing but creating patterns is a whole new level. I created pattern in the past which were good but not that create. They were easy breezy to follow, which can be a good thing but I needed something more. I started creating patterns from images. First flowers and later on animals and famous people. Today I want to share my Marilyn Monroe pattern with you which you can download in my Etsy Shop.

The pattern

The photo of Marilyn Monroe I found online. It was the perfect picture of her with her big laugh and smiling face full of happiness. I love this photo of her, such a powerfull woman and roll model for most woman. I choose black, grey and white beads options and adjusted the colors to get the pattern bold and fun.

Download it

As I wrote before, the pattern is available in my Etsy Store for you to download if you want to create this beautiful bracelet yourself. Please show me when you are done, love to see the end result.