5 of the most awesome crochet bags on Pinterest

It is no secret that I love to crochet in my free time. Creating crochet bracelet is one thing but I also adore to just crochet with yarn alone. Today I want to show you the 5 most awesome crochet bags that I found on Pinterest. And yes, when I have the time and can find the pattern somewhere – payed or free – I will give it a try!

1. Red Bobble HandBag

Red Bobble Stitch Hand Bag | Pattern on SaleThis handbag, wauw! And it is no surprise I’m working on this handbag right as we speak. I bought the pattern from Ravelry a few months back and started the journey of the ‘bobble stitch’. The pattern is very easy to follow and the handbag looks so stunning at the end. I’m halfway down now with one last large side to create. If you love to crochet a handbag, this Red Bobble Handbag is a add to your list of favorites.

Pattern Creator: Indri Safiri Ami Love
Download here: BluPrint

2. Akabi Crochet Bag

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor akabi handbagThis purse can be created in so many colors that it will always be unique. I adore the front with the ‘cross stitches’ which gives that extra dimension to the bag. It looks classy, very expensive and suits every occasion. The Akabi purse can be created through a digital pattern or crochet along with the creator on YouTube. This bag is definitely on my ‘to crochet list’.

Creator: Hannie Hendra
Pattern: YouTube

3. Chanel Boy Bag

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor chanel boy bag crochetAnd another beautiful purse with with a Chanel Look. This purse is also on my ‘to create list’ as I love the outcome of the V’s on the front. If you look for this bag online, you can find multiple fronts as the basic part of this purse is the same. You can find it with a Bobble Stitch, with a V, with crosses X and more. Every combination is possible. Just give it a try!

Creator: sulis setiowati
Pattern: YouTube

4. Macaron Bags

 The macaron bag, make you think of those cookies right? You can create them in many ways with flowers, like the sample on the right or with V’s. Just check out Pinterest when searching on Macaron bag or Round Bag/purse and be amazed with the beautiful designs and patterns. Sometimes patterns of blogs can be in a different language. Just let Google translate it and most times you can read the pattern/instructions with no problem at all.

Creator: Kirari
Pattern: Patterns

5. Tube Crochet Bag

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor tube crochet bagIn search of something different? Go for a Tube (round) Crochet bag! This purse looks very difficult but it isn’t! Just watch the Youtube video and crochet along. It is very easy and this purse is also on my ‘to crochet’ list!

Creator: Sulis Setiowati
Pattern: YouTube

Want to see more purse designs and pattern tutorials? Check out my Cake Stitch Crochet account on Pinterest. I add daily new pins in different categories of projects that are too awesome to skip. So check out my Pinterest, subscribe to the boards and find your next project.



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