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Have you ever scrolled on Pinterest and found these awesome beads loom bracelets? And you started wondering: how does that work? Today I share 3 easy beads loom patterns for your first try out. It is much easier than you might think! Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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Beads loom


Beads, beading loom, thread, needle


Easy / Beginner


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You can do a beads loom with many beads, but the ones that make everything smooth and alined: Miyuki Delica beads! I tried loom with rocaille beads: looks sweet but I didn’t get the ‘wow’ factor after it was done. The beads didn’t line up and the whole bracelet looked like a big mess because of it. If you’re gonna create a beads loom, use Miyuki Delica beads. Yes, they are a bit more expensive but the effect is way much better.

How to work a loom

Creating a beads loom bracelet, isn’t that difficult. When you take an easy pattern with a maximum of 5 colors, you can create the bracelet pretty fast. Also when you use not more than 6 or 7 beads in one row, you can work up the pattern quickly. To start a beads loom bracelet, you need to add a thread to a beading loom. I always use Miyuki thread, which is very strong and thin.

I can explain this all in words, but watching the video below will make more sense.

Easy beads loom patterns

Never start too difficult with your first attempt. Pick out a pattern with a couple of colors, and just a few beads in one row. This way you can handle your first pattern easily and when it goes wrong, you don’t have to rip apart sections with 15 beads or more. Below you’ll find some sweet patterns for your first try out. The beads colors are mentioned in the section on the right. They are ALL Miyuki Delica beads.

A little tip if you need to order the beads: Miyuki DB stands for Delica Bead. If you see RO(C), these are rocailles. Also good to use but the end result wouldn’t be as ‘straight’ as working with Delica’s. Rocailles are almost the same size but are much rounder. They will make the edges not perfect. If you use Delica’s, the edges will be straight from top to bottom. 

Easy beads loom patterns

Below you’ll find 5 easy patterns for your first try out. Have fun!


Start this pattern from top to bottom. Done? Repeat again will you have the length you need.


Start this pattern from the top. Go all the way down to the golden beads. Added the last row? Turn the pattern around and do it again. You will notice that the pattern now goes in reverse.


Start this pattern from the top. Go all the way down to the row with the ‘dot’ in the middle. After your added this row, turn the pattern around, skip the first row (with the dot) and work the pattern again now in reverse.

Questions about how to work the pattern? Just ask through the comment section below. Have fun!

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