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When it comes to picking out awesome digital patterns for your next project, much can be found on Pinterest. But have you noticed all these stunning patterns on Etsy lately? These digital patterns are created with much love and care. Most times they are way better than the free items on Pinterest. Why? Let me tell you more about this subject.

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When checking out Etsy, you’ll find a lot of patterns. Most are for bracelets, in square stitch, and peyote stitch. But when you are all ‘done’ with that, there are other options to look for. Have you checked out some tapestry beads pattern? They are way bigger than regular patterns. Most of them look like a painting when done.

Tapestry for the more advanced

As bracelets come in a few color patterns, tapestry patterns are way more advanced. Some even have above 25+ colors! The tapestries will have a width and height above 10 cm and some even have 150 rows and columns when working in Peyote. Creating such a tapestry takes time and quite a lot of it! I started a tapestry once and still working on it. I don’t have every evening to work on it and when I do, I only get 4 rows done. Why? It has 150 columns from left to right… and all colors are needed. There is not one row that doesn’t need almost every color, and this one only has 10. Still want to make it though haha.

So yes, working on a tapestry is for the more advanced but so much fun.

Looking for that one gem

When looking for a new project, I always make a list of the patterns I love the most. In the beginning, I saved everything or bought multiple patterns but only had time for creating one. So here is my tip: look for that one gem you really want to create. Order just the beads for that one project, otherwise, you will end up like me. I have over 250 Miyuki colors in stock. Shocked? Yes! Had so many projects in mind and I’ll end up with none. So from now on, I will only create patterns with the beads I have.

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