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Are you new to beads crochet and want to give it a try? You might think that it looks so difficult to create. But once you got the hang of it, it will be very easy. In this post, I will tell you more about beads crochet, share an awesome video with you, and a few easy patterns to get you started.

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Beads, thread, small size hook, needle


Easy / Beginner


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When looking at ‘beads crochet’, you might think that this is for professionals only. People who crochet for years and it might be just a ‘step too far’ to pick up some beads. As it seems difficult, it is not. Yes, you use beads and not only thread and yes you have to add the beads to the thread first. It all seems too complex and that is what I thought exactly when looking at beads crochet. But to be honest; once you got the hang of it, it all makes sence. Don’t believe me? Just read along and I will convince you.

Crochet vs Beads Crochet

If you have been crocheting for a while, you might want to take the next step to another level in skills. When I looked around the internet, I was stunned by all those pretty bracelets made with beads. I wondered how they were made and quickly I found out it was beading crochet. And let me tell you: I don’t do crochet for all of my life. In fact, 3 years ago I picked up my first crochet hook. A really cheap set from a cheap store with a ball of cotton, also cheap. Just wanted to give it a try and yes ‘I was hooked’, as so to speak.

Beads crochet isn’t any different than regular crochet. There are beads involved, I know, but still, the way of working is quite the same. You do exactly the same, even with beads. Wanna give it a try? Ok, here we go!

Patterns and more

The first attempt for beads crochet, needs to be easy. You work in rounds so choose colors that you can follow easily into a pattern. To start, use big beads like ‘pony beads’ or big rocailles. Every bead will do in the beginning when it has a flat top and bottom. Next, create a simple pattern. If you work with 12 beads in one row, start by using 6 different colors. Like for sample: yellow, white, pink, blue, green, purple. Repeat this pattern until you have a string that you can work with for trying out.

The following I can’t explain in a few words, just watch the video below from Naztasia. She is working with bigger beads so you can easily follow along. Keep trying until this works out for you. After that, try some smaller beads and a smaller hook if needed.

Easy patterns

On Pinterest, you can find some awesome patterns when it comes to beads crochet. Most of them are free. If you are looking for patterns, which are easy to follow, try something with lines, flowers, and such. They will repeat very fast. This way you can see the pattern much easier and is checking if you still do the right one, much faster.

Beads crochet patterns

Full list of beads crochet items

Below you’ll find a list of items you need for starting your first beads crochet bracelet. If you want to know how much you need to string first, there is a simple formula: x cm length you need x beads in 1 row. So for sample: 15cm length of bracelet x 12 beads in 1 row = 1.80 m. I always string up a little bit more, just in case.

  • Project: Beads Crochet

  • Difficulty: easy / beginner

  • You need: thread, beads, needle, crochet hook

  • String approx: 1.80 m

  • Pick an easy pattern. Look in Pinterest, most of it is free!

  • String up the beads in the order of the pattern. More than one row? Go from top LEFT to bottom; next row! Move from LEFT to RIGHT and always from TOP to BOTTOM

  • Get your hook ready. I always do a ‘Magic ring’, add the number of single crochets I need in 1 row, and don’t pull the ring too tight.

  • Now start adding one bead at a time to the loops. You can do this in 2 ways: 1) by slip stitch – the beads will go horizontal or 2) by single crochet – the beads will go diagonal.

  • Work your rows and let the beads correspond to each other. When using just 6 colors, this will be easier. When starting a difficult pattern, you might see the structure of the pattern after a few rows.

  • Don’t bother about the ‘end’ piece of the beads crochet rope. Most people use end caps so don’t worry.


Start with an easy-to-follow pattern. This way you will learn it the easiest way possible. Handling it so far? Use a smaller size bead, like rocailles from Miyuki. Keep in mind that the beads must be the same size, otherwise, you will end up with a wobbly bracelet. Miyuki Rocaille, Preciosa Ornela Rocaille or Toho rocaille beads are best to use. When you get more advanced later on, try some Miyuki Delica! They will make a difference in the look and feel.

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