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Working your way around Miyuki and Toho beads for bracelets? Have you ever seen a very big tapestry, made out of beads? Today I share the first steps into tapestry beads projects, to get you started.

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Beads tapestry


Miyuki Delica beads, needle, thread


Normal / Advanced


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If you have done Peyote Stitch before, then you made the first step already! A Tapestry is nothing more than a very big peyote beads projects with multiple colors, sometimes even more than 15 till 30! The tapestry is around 20 cm wide and 20 cm high. They can fit into a photo frame or small frame for paintings.

The begin a tapestry, this might get a little bit difficult. If the number of beads doesn’t scare you away, the start of the whole project might. If you have to begin a tapestry and the first row is already 150 columns wide… wow! That is something right! But don’t give up so easily, here are some tips to get you through the first rows.

How to start

The easiest way to start a large beads tapestry is to start out with a border of one color. I always start a new tapestry with 2 rows of plain white. This way I can’t mix up colors in the beginning! Just count the beads – if you have 150 columns, just add 150 white beads to the thread – and add row 2 below it, also in white. After those rows, you start the first real row of the pattern.

When creating large columns with beads, you can end up at the beginning with a wavery piece. To avoid this, use a very thin little piece of wire and add it to the first row. This way the beads can’t bend as much while working.

All those colors

With large patterns, come multiple colors. Especially in a tapestry, color ranges can go from 10 to 30 or even more. So how to keep track of all these colors? When looking at the color chart, you know how far the alphabet is going. Maybe the pattern even as ‘aa’, ‘bb’ etcetera in it. To keep track of all these beads, you can simply buy a bag of ‘alphabet letters’, which are used in bracelets. Lay all the letters in front of the color beads pile. Another trick is, to add the ‘letter’ to a ring. Every bead you set into the ring, is the corresponding letter. Handy, right?