My name is Adinda, 33 years young, living in Rotterdam The Netherlands, married and raising a little boy of almost 4 years old. My passion for crochet started about 3 years back. I saw all these awesome blankets, little stuffed animals, and more. I went to a really cheap store and bought some yarn and crochet hooks. Downloaded a few free and easy patterns from the internet and there I went. From that day on, I never let my crochet hooks rest in their place.

But only crochet was ‘too easy’ for me. I love to work with beads for creating jewelry. When I learned the beads crochet technique, which took me a whole weekend to manage, I was hooked! One bracelet after another came off my hook and after a while, my bracelet stack became too much to handle. That is the reason I opened a little Etsy shop. Every bracelet is different and I love to create random items.

I have a lot on the ‘to create’ wishlist. Most designs I add to my Pinterest board for a later moment. I always see more and when I want to pick out a new project, I can scroll for 1 or 2 hours before I settle on one pattern. There is so much to see, so much to create and I want my yarn to fit the project.


I create a lot of sweet stuff with much love. Please find all my buyable products on Etsy. If you have questions or suggestions; just let me know. Send me a message through Etsy or with the form on the contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I love to try other patterns, new stitches, and more. I create what I want, when ever I want ūüôā


I love to give my own honest opinion about a project, yarn, pattern, and such. No sugar coating.


I love to write my own patterns but also translate patterns from ‘chart to words’ if needed!