Running a classic store is fun but to create all the items yourself is for most people a no go. Did you know what a lot of ‘brick’ stores buy their goods only in the whole sale? Do you run a shop that needs jewelry to match your clothing collections? Search for whole sale items! Read along to find out more about this fun subject.

Having a store is something I can only dream of. To be honest; with jewelry along I wouldn’t exist for long if I rent a store floor. Why? Because of all the big brands around me. That’s why online stores with good SEO and sales can hold up longer and have far more reach to the people who love them the most. But what if you run a ‘brick’ store, how do you get items that you don’t create yourself?

Start buying in whole sale!

You can buy single items which cost a lot so why not spending some money on whole sale items? It is much cheaper, manufactured by the same person(s), and easy to order again. When searching online, you’ll find multiple online shops offering wholesale items. From ‘stacks of bracelets’ to ‘bundles of bracelets’; just search the internet for a shop who are offering wholesale items.

Whole Sale Seed Beads size 8/0

Go Wholesale

The whole concept of running a ‘wholesale’ on items, is that the items are much alike. The person buying the wholesale product can please it in stores the moment it arrives. I also sell wholesale items. Love to produce a lot of the same in a big batch to send it out to the buyer. When it arrives, the buyer hangs the bracelets on awesome hooks in their store for people to match it with their outfits. They don’t have to produce it themselves, know it is a quality worth and will sell out in a few months.

For whole sale items, I created 3 product listings that can easily be set to the options of your choice. Just click, set, and go! Simple as that.