Free ebook with 10 loom bracelet patterns

As everybody is sitting at home these days, I found it fun to create a ebook and share it with you all. In this book you’ll find 10 Loom bracelet pattern which you can create by yourself. Want to know more? Keep reading!

About the free ebook

I create new patterns every week. Some of them I add to my Etsy Store and other… never make it to a PDF or JPG. Due to this ‘sitting at home because of Covid-19’, I decided to create an ebook. The ebook has patterns in it which I created but never showed. Also patterns that started very small, like Indian Summer, and became very big over time. I kept the ‘small sample’ saved on my computer. All those ‘little’ and ‘saved’ pattern which never make the light of day, are all bundled in this awesome ebook. And more awesome: you can download it for free! Just sign up below and you will get the PDF in your inbox! How cool is that!

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