Differences between Miyuki Beads

There is a big difference between Miyuki beads in coating. On this page you can find all the different coatings that Miyuki created. Per category you can find information about the colors which make this coating so special.

Miyuki Delica beads and also rocaille beads have special coating. Every bead starts out to be transparent which will be filled in with a color coating. These coatings make the beads of what they are and give special effects in your jewelry.

Difference between Miyuki Beads

There are a lot of colors available for Miyuki Beads. Not every Delica is also available in rocaille, tila, half tila and more. There are two special coatings: the regular and the specials. With special you can think of the 24kt golden beads which are also a bit more expensive as for the special coating that is used.

Regular Beads

Below a list of the ‘regular’ beads in the Miyuki color section.

Transparent Transparent beads with an inside color coating
Opaque Full colored beads with a bit of shimmer on top
Silverline Full colored beads with a silver inlay which make them as mirrors reflecting the color back to you
Rainbow AB Super shiny which will re-color in certain light settings:
Transparent Rainbow: transparent with a glow coating
Opaque Rainbow: Full of color with a shimmer
Inside Color Rainbow: transparent bead with a full color coating inside
Luster Glaze beads with a lot of shine:
Transparent Luster: Transparent beads with a glaze coating
Opaque Luster: Full color with glaze coating
Glazed Luster: Glazed beads full color
Metallic Metal colored bead in Gun Metal, Iris and Bronze
Gold Luster Golden beads with a glaze coating
Ceylon Beads with a pearl look coating or inside glass coating
Inside Color Transparent beads with an inside color coating
Dyed Dyed beads in matt or glaze coating
Galvanized Silver topping, mostly used with gold, rose gold, silver and so on
Duracoat Durable beads which hold there color the longest:
DC Galvanized: Durable beads with a silver top coating
DC Silverlined: Durable beads with a silver inlay
DC Opaque: Durable beads with full color and glaze top coating
Silk Beads with a silky top coating
Frost Matt Beads with a matt coating without a glaze top coating:
Frost: Regular matt full colored beads
Frost Rainbow: Matt colored beads with a rainbow coating
Frost Bronze: Beads with a bronze colored matt finish
Semi Matt Beads with a semi matt coating; matt from the inside and some what glaze from the outside

Special Coating

Special Finish Beads that are silver from the inside and glazed on the outside
Special Plating Special coating like 24Kt gold, platinum, silver, nickel and more
Special Coating Beads with a Czech coating or ‘glow in the dark Luminous’
Picasso Coating Beads with a special coating like a marble look and more

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