Different weaving techniques for Miyuki Beads

For creating Miyuki jewelry you can use different techniques. There is no limited of what you can use, just try it out and see how it goes. Below you’ll find the most common techniques used for Miyuki beads.

When creating jewelry with Miyuki, just try it out! I did the same and tried out different techniques with different sets of beads. I learned that Delica beads in combination with a PWAT are harder to bend and that rocailles are better for this type of technique. If you want straight bracelets all the way; Delica’s are your best friend.

Weaving with Patterns

When you first start with creating jewelry with Miyuki beads, try using Pinterest as an inspiration. You can create your own patterns but first start with Pinterest. There are a lot of free patterns to use out there. If you are looking for special bracelets, search for square stitch miyuki or if you want a kind of brick look, search for peyote.

Flat Bracelets

For flat bracelets, I always use the square stitch and the peyote stitch. The different is that the square can be made on a weaving board and the peyote stitch needs to be create all by hand.

Square stitch

For a square bracelet you can use a weaving board. Just add the threads you need to the ‘loom’ and start beading your way up to the bracelet you want. Just follow the pattern by picking up every row complete from one side to the other. If you need help, search Youtube for video’s who explain how to do a loom weave with beads.

Peyote Stitch

A peyote bracelet is a bit harder to create. It is a different technique then a square bracelet and takes a bit more time. Every beads needs to be single picked up and added to the piece of bracelet. This way you’ll get a bit of a brick situation where the beads are not straight in line but as a kind of brick wall.

Round crochet bracelets

Crochet bracelets can be created with two techniques. For both you need different Miyuki beads.


For creating a round bracelet you can use the crochet technique. If you are familiar with crochet, this can be easier to accomplish. It is crochet with beads and you are going in circles until you created the length you need. With crochet you first add the beads to the thread before starting crocheting them in rounds.

Peyote With a Twist – Not Crochet (PWAT)

With PWAT you first need to convert a crochet pattern into a workable PWAT pattern before you can begin. When you did this, you have to create a regular peyote setting until the 11th row before wrapping the end together that you get a round ending. The result is the same as a crochet bracelet; both round but created with a different technique. With PWAT you pick up every bead as you go, with beads crochet you pick up the full pattern before starting crocheting.

As you can see, the bracelets look the same but a different technique has been used. The bracelets are both round, same thickness and the pattern is in a spiral. If you don’t know how to crochet or it just won’t work, look for the PWAT technique on the internet. It is an awesome technique to use.

Brick Stitches

The brick stitch looks like a peyote but it is different in use. With the brick stitch, you build up your pattern like bricks. The brick stitch is mostly used in charm designs, such as the sample below.

You start at the longest point of the design and work your way first one way and than the other way. Increase the beads and decrease the beads. If you like to know how this technique works, look on Youtube for a sample tutorial. It is very easy and you can create stunning designs with this stitch.

There are more techniques to use, specially when using Tila beads from Miyuki or the drop beads. If you are in search for inspiration, please visit the Youtube channel of Jill Wiseman. The is a genius in creating stunning jewelry which isn’t even difficult to create at all.



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