How can I keep Miyuki jewelry beautiful? One of the most ask questions after people bought my jewelry was about how to keep them as beautiful as possible. Below a few tips how to take care of your jewelry.

How to take care of Miyuki Jewelry

  1. Keep the jewerly dry; take the jewelry off when taking a showing, doing the dishes, when you go swimming and more. When the jewelry becomes wet, please dry it carefully with a soft towel. Never rub over the jewelry but pad it.
  2. Never leave the jewelry laying around; Place them in a little box or jewelry bag when taking the jewelry off. This to avoid damage to the beads.
  3. Take them off when you go to the gym;  to avoid damage or breaking of the beads and chain.
  4. Never lay the jewelry in the sun; this to avoid miss coloring.
  5. Keep having weights away from the beads; this to avoid breaking of the beads. The beads are from glass and can break easily under a heavy weight.
  6. Clean the jewelry; by padding it with a soft towel to keep the beads clean. Never rub as you can rub the colors off some of the special beads with a dyed.
  7. Never ever clean the jewelry with silver wash!!! NEVER EVER DO THIS as the dye of the beads will come off and will leave you with a bright white weird colored bracelet. 
  8.  Getting ‘green’  marks on your skin from the silver? To avoid this, apply a little bit of clean nail polish around the chain, tubes/end caps and lobster claw.