In search of a whole sale package

In search of a whole sale package in bracelets? Then you are in the right place. Below you’ll find some Whole Sale pricing tables. All prices are including the discount and including VAT. Please look for the special ‘whole sale’ ribbons in the shop.

Stock 8/0 bangle bracelets 11/0 bangle bracelets Chained bracelets
10 € 40 € 70 € 90
20 € 80 € 140 € 180
30 € 120 € 210 € 270
40 € 160 € 280 € 360

Per set you can select specific ‘seasonal colors’ if you like or go for the random option. The seasonal package will contain colors of the season of your choice. The random set will contain a lot of colors and other patterns as well to make it as diverse as possible. As the packages at up x 2 in price, you can always select multiple seasons to complete your order.

If you have special wishes like colors, only transparent beads, certain patterns and such; please contact me or write it in the comment section in the order form.