By Adinda is an online jewelry boutique

Sometimes I get the question: are you running a boutique? Well, no not as in a boutique store/shop but I run an online shop. Want to know why I call it an online boutique? Keep reading

Online jewelry boutique

I love to think that I’m running a online boutique. The thought of a real boutique crosses my mind every week but let’s be honest. How can run a real boutique with a child of 2 years old and making enough money every month? Not a realistic thing I guess. So I’m trying to create an online boutique style world for my jewelry to get that feeling! Maybe one day… dreaming is always good right.

Custom Made and Already Made

I’m creating jewelry the way you love your colors most. But sometimes I create something from scratch and make that a one off. Just one piece, one bracelet and no more from the same. If you want something custom, just let me know. Otherwise take a look at my Etsy Store for already created bracelets. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.



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