Miyuki Beads can be very fragile as they are made of thin glass with all kinds of coating. Below you can find a list of aspects like sun light, water and more. Keep the beads away from these sorts of aspects to prevent damage.

In the list below there are a few aspect whether a bead can ‘resist’ the element or not. Some beads are more breakable then others as there coating is much thinner, transparent and such. If you want to know where your bracelet is made of and what kind of beads are in the bracelet, just send me a message. 

List of resistance

In the overview below there are some terms which correspond to the table.

A: Can resist sun light
B: Can resist clothing and skin
C: Can’t resist heat from dry tumbling, blow dryers and such

0: No problems over time
-: Possibility on colorization but depends on the skin type of the person
X: Needs high maintenance

Table of beads


Bead Sort Variety Shelf life
Transparent Crystal or colored transparent.   0 0 0
Opaque Black,Chalk-White or colored opaque.   0 0 0
Silverline Silverplated into the hole of beads. Silverline
Silverline dyed X X
(AB coating)
Rainbow coating. Transparent rainbow 0 0 0
Opaque rainbow 0 0 0
Inside color rainbow 0 X
Luster Luster coating. Transparent luster 0 0 0
Opaque luster 0 0 0
Glazed luster 0 0
Metallic Iris coating or bronzed luster glazed. Gunmetal 0 0 0
Iris 0 0 0
Bronze 0 0 0
Gold Luster Gold luster glazed.   X
Ceylon Luster coating or inside coloring of opalescent beads.   0 0 0
Inside Color Dyed color inside the hole of beads. Inside color 0 X
Dyed Color Dyed color on the surface of beads.   X X
Galvanize Silverplating on the surface of beads.   X X
Dyed X X
Duracoat Durable Coating Duracoat Galvanized
Duracoat Silverline Dyed
Duracoat Opaqeue Dyed
Silk Silk White color with Satin finish.   0 0 0
Special Plating Special Plated beads as 24KT, Palladium, Nickel, etc.   0 0
Inside (Gold) 0 0
Inside( Copper) X
Dyed X X
Frost(Matte) Frosted beads. Frost 0 0 0
Frost rainbow 0 0 0
Matte bronze 0 0 0
Semi-Matte 0 0 0
Special Finish Silverline Glazed Beads  
Picasso Picasso coating  
Special Coating Czech Coating Mrea, Magic Orchid etc..

Beads resistency

Want to know which beads are in your bracelet? Just ask me and I will send the list over. Please keep in mind that you always, no matter what beads are used, need to handle the bracelet with care. This way you avoid damage to it and colorization over time.

List of beads

I have over 150 beads in stock. Most of them are on this page. If you need a special color, just send me a message and I will look for it. I can also order it if you like, that is no problem at all.