Do you sell custom made bracelets in your web shop

I love to create something different so YES I sell custom made bracelet in my web shop. Want to know more? Keep reading my love.

Custom made jewelry

Every bracelet I create is made with love. None of the jewelry I create is the same and nothing will be created more than once. Also every bracelet will be created by hand in the colors I love the most or you love the most! If you can’t find that one bracelet, you can order a custom made bracelet with colors you love. Every bracelet can be:

  • Made in the size you need and like
  • Decorated with the colors you love the most
  • Personalized and wrapped up like a present.

Short bracelet, Long bracelet

If you have a thing wrist or a big wider, every bracelet can be adjusted to the right size. The standard length of the bracelets are 17cm long with a chain of 3 cm more. If you need a shorter bracelet, just let me know when ordering.

Pick your own colors

Need something special with that one dress? Send me the colors you love of a photo of the colors you need and I will match it with your fashion style. I have over a 150 colors in stock and when I don’t have that one color you are looking for? I just order it! No worries.



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