Most of my jewelry is created with Miyuki Delica and Miyuki Rocaille beads. But what are Miyuki jewelry? Is it a special kind of jewelry or is it just the name of the beads? Let me explain.

Miyuki Jewelry is nothing more when the beads that are used. Miyuki is a type of brand which created these beads, like you also have ToHo beads and more brands. I create my jewelry with Miyuki beads as I find these beads the best to use. The beads are made of glass, very thin which gives the jewelry such a nice look.

Miyuki Delica Jewelry

Most of my jewelry is created with the Delica beads of Miyuki. Like 90% of my jewelry is created with these Delica beads in all different kinds of colors. Delica beads have the largest collection of colors available and every year new beads are added to the list. The beads are round and are all similar in width and height which created this perfect lined jewelry. A sample is the bracelet here below. The lines are even, no weird break outs, just straight!

Miyuki Rocaille Jewelry

Jewelry that is created with the rocaille beads are mostly crochet bracelets which go into a spiral. The bracelet needs to bend and rocaille beads are more round and not every bead is exactly the same. This way the bracelet will bend easly and feel great around your wrist. Miyuki Delica beads are a bit stiff when working them in rounds. It is possible with regular rope crochet but if you are doing a ‘Peyote With a Twist – Not Crochet’ technique, the best beads to use are rocaille.

Most colors that are available in delica are also available in rocaille beads. If you are using the other beads of Miyuki such are tila, half tila and drops, colors can be slightly different.