• Beautiful and colorful handmade Miyuki Delica Loom bracelet. The bracelet is made is a square stitch and the beads are Miyuki Delica 11/0 beads made of glass. The bracelet is pretty wide which makes is a machete bracelet to wear. If you want different colors, just let me know!
  • Beautiful handmade Miyuki Delica bracelet. The delica's are 11/0 wide. The bracelet can be set to the perfect size by the chain and lobster claw. The colors are Gold 24K plated, Bright sterling silver, turquoise and mint. Also available with macrame cords to tighten around the wrist. Need this in different colors? Send a PB to let me know your choice of colors.  
  • Blue Lagoon

    Beautiful handmade bracelet with Miyuki Delica beads size 11/0. The bracelet is made with a Peyote Stitch in 4 different shades of green and blue. Also available in purple and nude AND with matching rings! Miyuki Delica beads are made of glass so please be carefull with the bracelet once bought.
  • Beautiful handmade Miyuki Delica bracelet with beadsize 11/0. The bracelet is made with a Peyote Stitch. Also available in other colors like blue/green and purple. Please be carefull when wearing as the beads are from glass.
  • Summer Sky 2 - By Adinda Summer Time Miyuki - By Adinda

    Summer Sky

    Beautiful handmade bracelet with Miyuki Delica 11/0 beads. The bracelet is 3cm wide. This bracelet is like a machete bracelet when wearing it. If can be easly adjusted to the right size by the lobster claw and the chain on the ends. If you want this bracelet is another color, just let me know I have over 150 colors in stock.


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