Unicorn Bracelet

Unicorn Bracelet


Funny seed bead crochet handwoven bangle bracelet which can be easily rolled over your hand onto your wrist. The bracelet is made from Miyuki Rocaille seed beads which are made of glass. The bangle is handwoven throug a crochet technique. I used 100% Cotton Durable Thread. The bracelet can be stretch out just a little bit for that extra push around your wrist.


1. Pick your own base color out of 20 (sample photo is color 11)
2. Select the correct size that you need (see tab below)
3. Order 🙂

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Lovely Bangle Bracelet in Unicorn Style in a roll on bracelet format. The beads are from Miyuki Rocaille in a small size of 2mm. The beads are crocheted by hand into a spiral and by adding the end pieces together, it formed a nice bangle. You can combine this bangle bracelet with other jewelry and bangles to complete your style. Choose from multiple colors and patterns. Please pick the color you love the most out a list of various colors.

In a nut shell:

  • You can easily roll the bangle bracelet over the wrist, no claps needed.
  • You can select the correct size out of the options while ordering. How to measure can be found on the bottom of this page in one of the tabs.
  • For creating this bangle bracelet unicorn, I used Miyuki Rocaille seed beads size 2 mm. The bangle is handwoven with a crochet technique.
  • I used ‘Kaplan Polyester’ thread from Turkey inside to crochet the beads. The bracelet can be stretch out just a little bit for that extra push around your wrist. The bangle bracelet are also very flexible and can move around easily when rolling them over your hand.
  • This bangle is available is 20 mix colors where you can pick your favorite from. The colors may verify by what I have in stock at the moment.

Additional information

Color Mixes

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20


S, M, L, XL



Please measure the correct size before ordering. This is how you do that:
1. Fold your thump against your pinkie
2. Measure the largest part of your hand > going over the knuckles, your thump, around your hand palm and back up again.
3. Pick the correct size out of 4*.

*Note: I will create the bracelet always between the cm range you pick. The bracelet will be a little bit stretchable so it can roll over your wrist.



Please measure before ordering and picking one of the sizes below.


– X SMALL: 5.11 inch till 5.5 inch / 13 cm till 14 cm
– SMALL: 5.9 inch till 6.69 inch / 15cm – 17cm
– MEDIUM: 7.08 inch till 7,87 inch / 18 cm till 20 cm
– LARGE: 8.26 inch till 9.05 inch / 21 cm till 23 cm
– EXTENDED: 9.44 inch till 10.23 inch / 24 cm till 26 cm > please send me the correct measured size of your wrist in a PM if you need bigger then 10 inch / 26 cm.



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