Adele Pattern

Adele Pattern

Want to wear Adele around your wrist? Create the bracelet yourself by using this pattern of Adele. I used BeadsTool 4 to create this pattern of Adele out of a photo I found online. The colors are set to grey tones to get this perfect all day look.

You can create the bracelet using Miyuki Delica beads. The colors you need, are writing down in the PDF’s. You can choose from a peyote stitch and a square stitch. Both in even and uneven row counts for you to choose what fits you best.

In the download you’ll get:

– PDF Peyote Un-even stitch
– One PDF Peyote even stitch
– And one PDF Square stitch
– 3x JPG corrosponding to the above PDF’s with a sample.

In the PDF’s you’ll find a color sheet, a Word Chart in rows, the pattern with word chart if needed. The pattern is 45p / 44s rows width and 180p / 90s rows long.

*Reselling, giving out for free or re-producing this product will not be tollerated.

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