As the summer is almost coming to an end, it is never too late to complete your latest summer outfits with stunning manchette bracelets. Keep reading for more.

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Wide and colorful. Manchette bracelets are a good way to show of your stunning outfit. Match the color of your summer dress with the colors of the manchette and steal the show. Manchette bracelets are over 4cm wide and are a real eye-catcher around your wrist. We create an awesome manchette for you to show. Let us know the colors that you love the most and be amazed at our unique jewelry.

Colors and pattern

The bracelets you see online are just samples of what we like. There is always room for picking your own colors if you like. Match the colors to that one dress you like so much. Pick out colors that match your shoes, blouse, and other stunning dress codes. Let us know what you love for colors around your wrist.