Top 5 of fun places to find free and paid beads patterns

I love to create jewelry and most of the times I create my own patterns for it. You can find a lot of cute and awesome patterns online. Some patterns are free to use but not every pattern can be used for selling the finished product. Remember that there is always a copy right on every pattern that has been made. To avoid trouble, here is my top 5 of free and paid patterns to keep you going what you love the most: making jewelry with seed beads. 

1: Etsy search

What you find on Etsy is always unique but you have to pay for it. The patterns that people sell, are hand crafted items and it is their vision on what they like and what you hopefully would love to buy. I also create pattern and place them on Etsy. For every pattern which contains a photo that has been set to beads, I use free stock photo’s to ensure they are copy right free to use. Please look out when searching for brand related items such as Chanel, Disney, Marvel and other big brands. I see a lot of patterns online from these brands made by others, but they are not created with a copy right free label. When buying a pattern online make sure that:

  1. You buy a pattern that the seller created themselves and has no relation to a big brand like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Disney and such
  2. When used a photo, that it is copy right free to use.
  3. Also when using pictures of famous people, make sure it is copy right free to take
  4. Is original from the seller and not re-sold as ‘their own’ when it is not!

2. Pinterest Boards

I love Pinterest when it comes to patterns. Before creating my own, I used Pinterest for research and for creating a similar pattern with different colors. Look for free patterns to use. When there is a link behind it to their Etsy page, please buy the pattern and go from there. We, myself included, spend a lot of time creating these patterns and we make sure that when you sell the finished product, you get your money out of it. I always price my pattern around €5,- (around $6,-). If you add your materials costs to it and your time creating the bracelet, you’ll be doing fine.

When using free patterns from Pinterest, credit the creator. Just a simple: pattern by @ or a link to their Pinterest board is fine enough. Just search on Pinterest for ‘beads weaving patterns’, ‘peyote stitch patterns’, ‘loom patterns’ and such terms. You can also follow my Pinterest board for inspiration.

3. Instagram

In a spare moment; go search Instagram! Fill in some hash tags and go for it! Follow hash tags to get inspiration on a daily basis. When using a certain pattern online, make sure you credit the owner of the pattern when the pattern is free to take.

4. Google Images

You can also just search on Google Images for inspiration or to buy patterns. When filling out some key words, you can find a lot of free or paid patterns. Again, make sure you don’t use anything that has a copy right on it from famous brands. And credit the owner of the pattern when it’s free to take. Just as simple as that!


If you are going for a crochet bracelet, you can find certain patterns online in the above named places. Also a fun place to go is Crochet Bead Paint. People from all of the world are uploading free patterns on this platform. Just type in a key word and click search. A lot of patterns will pop up. Remember that this is for beads crochet only.



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