I can speak to you on a daily basis about Miyuki, Toho, Preciosa Ornela, and creating jewelry with all these kinds of beads. But sometimes you might wonder: who are you? Well, today a whole blog dedicated to, yes me! Why? I would like you to know me and therefore I would love to get to know you. Again, why? My customers inspire me the most in what I do. So grab a cup of coffee, something sweet, and sit tight because here is my short story By Adinda.

For the greatest part of my life, I create stuff. For as long as I remember, I’ve always been busy with beads, yarn, glue, paper, scissors, and more. What I created? Little clothes for my dolls, benches for my stuffed animals, asking my grandmother to learn the knit, and so on. I was always busy being creative. Even during my 3 years studying law, I was building more websites than looking into my books. That was the point my mom told me: if you can do this so good, why not making a living out of your hobby? And so I did!

I’m a designer and programmer but next to all the online stuff, I love to work with my hands. Pimping a little Ikea Kitchen for my little boy Dylan, creating jewelry with seed beads, decorating the house bit by bit, and so on. Always creative, looking for other ways to pimp up a cabinet or creating my own shawl because… yeah I can do so!

Where I live

Today I live in Rotterdam together with my husband Michel and little boy Dylan of 2 1/2. (1 May ’17). I was born near Arnhem in a little town called Duiven (pigeons haha) and lived there for the most part of my life. During my internship in 2011 when I was in University, I went abroad to Miami Florida. Lived there for 7 months and I loved it. To be honest; I cried at the airport while standing in front of the gate… I didn’t wanna leave!

Went back in 2016 for a holiday to show my – then-boyfriend now-husband – where I used to live during those months. Was so weird to see it back as nothing had really changed, only the palm trees were taller after those 5 years and my internship company had moved to another building. The day we left back home, I wasn’t crying haha. It was good to be back in Miami after 5 years, but I knew that the months I spend their years before were gone and I had peace with it.

Today I live in Rotterdam, a nice city but to be honest I still miss Arnhem a bit. Especially as my mom lives there and my grandmother. I go back frequently and they come here at least once a month to see Dylan – and me of course haha).

Why jewelry?

So, why jewelry when I can also do crochet, building websites, and more? Well… when I was pregnant with Dylan and had my maternity leave, I didn’t know what to do. In the past, I bought jewelry from all over the world and placed it on a website to sell. But that was too easy. I searched online for samples that I loved and came to know the seed beads of Miyuki Delica. Bought a bunch of colors and started creating bracelets with them.

First I tried the loom square versions and after I mastered that, I took it a step further to learn the Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, and Peyote with a Twist. Dylan was already born and in our summer vacation one year later, I taught myself, Crochet. Worked on a little bunny and some granny squares. After I  mastered that, I added some beads and started the Beads Crochet bracelet you can find on my website today. That all in 3 years time 🙂

What I create

On a daily basis, I create digital patterns and most of all crochet bracelets. Got a lot of orders through Etsy and I try to put my main focus on the digital patterns nowadays. Why? Because I also want to spend time with Dylan and Michel and not only creating bracelets every day. It is just a hobby, not a living. I work 36 hours at T-Mobile HQ as E-Mail Marketing Manager and the jewelry and patterns are just a hobby and a ‘nice to have’.

Now you know me!

Well, now you know a little bit more about me, Adinda. The girl behind ByAdinda.nl and .com. If you find some crochet items between the bracelets, don’t panic. It is just me displaying my hobbies even more for you to enjoy. If you have questions OR want to learn crochet for a sample? Just ask! Love to help you out 🙂